Do be considerate of the rights, safety, comfort and anonymity of others.

Do take a shower with soap, and rinse thoroughly before using the hot tub or pool.

Do drive slowly and obey the speed limit,  10 km/h

Speed bumps are in place to slow traffic and avoid dust on our gravel roads

Do enjoy this nudist facility. Clothing is not an option in the pool and hot tub area. Underwear (male or female) is inappropriate attire anywhere on the grounds .

Always use plastic glasses in clubhouse and pool area and anywhere else on the grounds.

Always sit on a towel.

Do be considerate of quiet hours:
Sunday to Thursday – 11:00 P.M. to 9:00 A.M.
Friday and Saturday – 1:00 A.M. to 10:00A.M.

DON’T let your pets run free. Dogs are not allowed to run loose and must be on a leash. Do walk dogs around the perimeter of the park, and clean up after them.

Do not walk dogs in the common areas.

DON’T carry firearms or fireworks. Neither is permitted.

DON’T take pictures. Photography is forbidden without prior approval of management and subjects.

Overt sexual conduct is not be tolerated anywhere on the grounds.

DON’T leave trash lying around. We have a dumpster. Garbage cans are not permitted on sites. It will only attract wildlife into the park.  We recycle beer cans and wine bottles. Please place empties in designated area. If you’re camping or renting a unit from us, please take your “household” trash to the dumpster.

Please ask for a wash permit before washing your trailers.

Do not put spikes of any kind in the ground without permission.