You’ve probably skinny-dipped more than once in your lifetime. If so, then you would probably still remember the feelings of freedom and the sensations of water, sun and air all over your body.

We, your host to a friendly NUDIST retreat, are especially dedicated to helping first timers experienced of just being yourself, without artificial barriers of clothing, being natural.

Our members and guests are hard working and respectful persons from all different backgrounds, age, nationalities, sizes and shapes.

Though having diverse opinion, they all agree on at least one thing: They love naturist recreation because they find it so very relaxing and fulfilling for themselves.

In fact, surprised first-timers of every age often tell us they wished it hadn’t taken them so long to discover this wonderful form of recreation.

That’s why our main goal is to make sure you’re first experience is as comfortable and enjoyable as can be simply because we obviously want you to return to EAST HAVEN SUN CLUB.

So, how can you personally expect to benefit from risking such a unique adventure as a NUDIST experience? The best reason is simply to try to recharge your body’s batteries more effectively.

When we shed our clothes, we shed our stresses. Only experience can persuade you of this most unique realizing feeling we’ve all uncovered by temporarily escaping an overdressed and overstressed world. This is on of the best way to recourse ourselves.

You’ll enjoy meeting our members and visitors, free-thinking, like-minded people just relaxing and having fun. People are more accepting of others, and informal friendships seem easier to make if such is your interest. The needs of privacy are always recognized and respected by common ethic.

If your first visit is to EAST HAVEN SUN CLUB, you will be welcomed into a friendly, secured, respectful and comfortable environment.

As your hosts, we will provide facilities for fun, recreational activities and shelter as well as the rules and regulations to maintain a social ambiance of mutual respect.

Why wait? The time to start the process is now!! Contact us today, make a reservation or inquire about EAST HAVEN SUN CLUB’S services and facilities.

You will be welcome and wonder why it took you such a long time to discover away of life that you can enjoy so much.

Haven Sun Club is not responsible for injury , personal property damages, or theft.


Contact Yogy at (613) 764-3595 or E-mail: EHSC